PSIRT Training

This course is part of FIRST Education program: services framework

The Services Frameworks are high level documents detailing possible services CSIRTs and PSIRTs may provide. They are developed by recognized experts from the FIRST community.

The Frameworks are to assist organizations in building, maintaining, and growing capabilities of their CSIRT or PSIRTs. The frameworks are a guide and identify various models, capabilities, services and outcomes. In this way, teams are free to implement their own model and to build capabilities that meet their Stakeholder’s unique needs. The Frameworks seek to assist SIRTs by identifying core responsibilities, providing guidance on how to build capabilities to meet those responsibilities and offering insights on how SIRT teams can add and communicate value to their larger organizations.

This training course was created when the PSIRT Service Framework was in a draft version (1.0). The most current version is PSIRT Services Framework 1.1 (PDF).
  • Introduction to PSIRT
  • Operational Foundations
  • Service Area 1 - Stakeholder Ecosystem Management
  • Service Area 2 - Vulnerability Discovery
  • Service Area 3 - Vulnerability Triage
  • Service Area 4 - Vulnerability Remediation
  • Service Area 5 - Vulnerability Disclosure
  • Service Area 6 - Training & Education
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever